Our Policy

The Seyir Akademi is committed to fulfilling the requirements of the Quality Management System policy in order to ensure the satisfaction of its business partners, which all employees contribute to create added value through joint participation and endeavor.

Operational Excellence

The Seyir Akademi has aimed to create value for every customer and to keep "Customer Satisfaction" at the highest level with the aim of providing quality services beyond the expectations of the customers. In line with customer-oriented working principle; is planning the business by taking customer complaints effectively and fruitful to solve the problem.

Human Investment

The Seyir Akademi is aware that the most important asset is human resources. It keeps employee quality at the top level by employing employees in high competencies and making continuous investments in their employees.

Continuous Improvement

The Seyir Akademi makes it possible for the Company to continually improve with its investments in strategic business goals, technology, the environment, occupational health and safety and business processes, and regular internal audits. Creates new projects for continuous development; it uses customer complaints as a tool to help process development. Evaluate new business development opportunities by participating in national and international conferences / congresses to follow up new business areas and developments.

Commitment to Corporate Business Principles

The Seyir Akademi conducts its activities in accordance with internationally recognized Corporate Business Principles. It provides timely and transparent information to its shareholders regarding all its services and activities, organizational structure, financial position and performance.

Environmental and Social Responsibility Consciousness

The Seyir Akademi is committed to protecting the environment through environmental laws and regulations, community values ​​and rules, prevention of pollution, management of waste according to requirements, recycling and reuse, and responsibility for the future of the world we live in.

Occupational Health and Safety Consciousness

The Seyir Akademi shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and legislation relating to Occupational Health and Safety relating to its fields of activity; health and safety risks in order to prevent injuries and health deterioration, creating a healthier and safer working environment.