Engineering Services

Periodic Control Department

Electrical Installation

Periodical Control is carried out according to the criteria specified in the Electricity Internal Facilities Regulation and according to the project conditions.

Periodic Control of Ex Installation and Equipment

Periodic Controls are carried out according to TS EN 60079-14 and TS EN 60079-17.

Lightning Protection (Lightning Protection System)

Periodic Control according to TS EN 62305 Standard and Project.

Grounding System

Each point is measured and reported separately according to the principles of Grounding Regulations in Electrical Installations.

Energy Analysis

By registering all the cases in accordance with the Electrical High Current Facilities Regulation and Harmonic Analysis in accordance with EN 50150 standards, we provide detailed periodic control reports on the installation in case of exceeding the limit values in the measurements.

Thermal Camera Controls

Periodic control reports are provided by determining deviations according to detailed temperature differences according to corrosion or material structures in electrical installations, tanks and pipelines according to the best engineering techniques with our existing thermal cameras.

Fire Detection System Periodic Controls

According to TS EN 54-14 standard and according to the project Periodic Control is carried out.

Periodic Control of Storage Battery

We implement Periodic Controls with our reduced-test complexity, simplified workflow and devices built with the intuitive user interface.

The Battery Test is performed by performing maintenance, troubleshooting and performance tests on the battery charger units used in different stationary batteries and important backup battery applications.

Software Department

Software of Machine Acceptance Android Application.

Project Department

- 3D drawing of Industrial Ventilation Projects by CFD Modeling,

- Drawings of Fire Plumbing Project,

- Drawing of Drainage System Projects,

- Drawing of P&ID Projects,

- Explosion Walls Calculation,

- Design of Shelf Systems,

- Fire Detection System Design,

- Creating Designs for Selection and Assembly of Ex Equipment,

- Structural Fire Engineering

 - Project Based of Fire Protection Systems Analysis,

- Conformity Analysis According to the Regulation on Protection of Buildings from Fire,

- Thermal, Explosion and Toxic Impact Analysis with PHAST 3D and MC Software,

- Project Design in Facility Design and Construction of Turnkey Works,

Risk Based Inspections (RBI)

 Preparation of Projects according to API 580, API 581, DNV RP G101_RBI, DNVGL-RP-0002, EEMUA 154, EEMUA 159 norms.